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Bars with the Best Crowd, Ambiance and Music

When some individuals feel the need to relax and mingle with a group of fun people, they head down to the local bar. Here are some of the best bars in the entire country that offer a great atmosphere and fun times.

Bent Willey’s
Are you one of those people that are under the impression that there is nothing to do in West Virginia? If so, then you need to definitely visit Bent Willey’s. This is hands-down one of the best bars in the entire…

Nothing gets you in a festive mood like a trip to your favorite watering hole. Here are the top American bars with the best crowds.

Top Bars with the Best Crowds, Guarantee

Fred’s Lounge
Located in Louisiana, Fred’s Lounge is a true diamond in the rough. At first glance, you may overlook this bar because of its cheap appearance. However, you will have the time of your life once you get inside. Not only are the drinks inexpensive, but the place is literally packed to capacity…

Go Home Instead of the Bar

Having a bar in your own home is every guy’s dream, but it can actually be quite the reality. There are tons of home improvement services like and hardware stores all over the place that can make this dream come true. For more definition about how to grill, you can check grilling on wikipedia.

There can be many advantages to having a bar in the home and they are not quite as obvious as the basic “having alcohol when you want it.” Having a bar in your home helps when it comes to fostering community with your neighbors and friends.

Having a bar in your own home can also be a whole lot safer for many different reasons as well. When you drink at your home bar, you’re less likely to get into a car accident or suffer a DUI incident. Drinking at home also minimizes the social dangers that can happen involving strangers or the criminal element.

Any way you look at it, really, having your very own bar in your very own home can really be convenient. It’s something to consider while we spend most of our time on this site talking about the best bars to visit. If you don’t want to go out, stay in and enjoy your very own pub.

Some Local Bars with the Best Ambiance

Visiting a local bar can be either a wonderful experience or a horrible one. Certain locations are known as dive bars and these often have very ruddy interiors that are not necessarily attractive to patrons in the bar. If you’re looking for a bar that has the best ambiance and atmosphere, you need to do a little research on your own part. Never feel weird or rude walking into a bar and walking right back out if you….

Some of The Best Bars with the Best Music

Some of the best bars with the best music, can be found in Madison County, Il. There are countless talented musicians in this area that play in the bars every weekend.

Laurie’s Place in downtown Edwardsville, Il is a great place to hear live music. They host the widest variety in bands. They have music nightly in the back bar. One of the attractions is there is also a bar in the front if you…

The Top Local Bars for 30 and Up

In the period of time leading up to the Super Bowl in Indianapolis it seems that a countless number of bars popped up around the city. They still remain in the Post Super Bowl glow that has enveloped the city. Many people shy away from these bars because they feel that they are too old to be able to have fun at one of these establishments. The fact is that there are plenty of bars in Indianapolis that have been around for a long time that are the perfect…

The Top 20 Bars for 20 Something’s

There are bars designed for all different ages and demographics. There has to be something for everyone when it comes to drinking and entertaining. The most successful bars are adept at attracting the younger crowd. Let’s face it, people in their 20s go out more than any other age group. They have the most time, energy, and most of them are single. Going out to the bars is one of the best ways to meet other singles in your specific area.

If you live in New….

The Top 10 Best Incomparable Local Bars

In the Durham area the following are the Top 10 Best Incomparable Local Bars:
1. The Wooden Nickel in Hillsborough is a small pub with delicious food and a very social outside area.
2.The Tavern in Durham is a big bar that has nightly specials, food, pool tables and dart boards.
3.Crazy Shots in Hillsborough is a local biker bar that features pool tournaments on Mondays and Wednesdays and inexpensive beer.
4.Charlies in Durham is another biker type bar with drink and food specials, an outdoor patio area, and live music.
5.Zoggs in…

The Great Local Bars with Live Music

The St. Louis, Missouri area is full of both great bars and talented musicians who play at the bars. On any given night you are certain to find any genre of music being played at one of the city’s fine establishments. There is one bar that seems to set the standard when it comes to live music.

Pop’s located less than 5 minutes away from downtown St. Louis in Sauget Il is famous for never closing. Yes, you heard right the bar is open 24/7. They have both local bands as well as nationally known acts come in…

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